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Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act

13 Oct 2023 3:40 PM | Anonymous

Who Needs to Provide Training?

  • If you are an employer with 15 or more employees, you must provide sexual harassment training to your staff every year. This rule also applies if you employ even one domestic worker, like a housekeeper or nanny.

When Is the Training Due?

  • You should provide this training to your employees every calendar year.

Who Gets Trained?

  • All employees should be trained if they work more than 80 hours in a year and are with the company for at least 90 days. This includes part-timers and interns.
  • Independent contractors also need training if they meet the same conditions.

What Counts Towards the 15-Employee Minimum?

  • You count everyone, even contractors and employees who don't work in New York City, to meet the 15-employee minimum.

What About Employees Outside NYC?

  • Even if you're not based in NYC, you still have to train employees who work in NYC for more than 80 hours a year and at least 90 days.

What Should the Training Include?

  • The training should explain what sexual harassment is, and how to file a complaint within the company and with legal bodies, and it should include some examples. It should also talk about the responsibilities of managers and how bystanders can intervene.


  • Keep records of those who completed the training for at least three years. These could be certificates or signed forms from the employees.


  • The training must be accessible to all, including those with disabilities or those who don't speak English well.

Group Training

  • You can train employees in a group, but you must keep separate records for each employee to show they completed the training.

Training Outside Work Hours

  • If you ask employees to complete the training outside of regular work hours, you have to pay them for their time.

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