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NCA Membership Benefits

Free and Discounted Training Classes

First off, take a look at NCA’s Get Trained brochure, and think about being able to send anyone from your staff to any of these classes, any time you want for a discounted price. That's right. From our 5 Day Radical Dry cleaning and Stain Removal to specialty classes like Fire Restoration, CSR Training and Certification, Dry Cleaning 101: Processes, Stain Removal, Fabrics and Fibers, Hazardous Communication GHS OSHA Training, Sexual Harassment Training, (one exception (NYS DEC Environmental Certification Training).

Garment Analysis

NCA’s unique approach to garment analysis means that your credibility is enhanced, your relationship with the customer is protected and the garment manufacturer is involved in the process. No other analysis lab invests the time, effort or know-how into the process as we do. As an NCA Member, you only pay $35. per analysis.

Online Training and Presentations

NCA offers regular on line sessions on many topics of interest to you. From technical topics like stain removal and finishing to semi-technical subjects like inspection and packaging to marketing and management related best practices, our on line events are recognized as the best the cleaning industry has to offer. And, even if you can't be there 'on line and live', we'll send you the on line link for future viewing and use as a training tool.(Retail value: Over $800!)

Technical Training DVDs and Online Links

With NCA’s 7-hour training DVD, Tech Training Workbook and Fabrics and Fibers Manual (complete with swatches) your CSRs will perform with confidence and consistency . Our HazCom Training DVD meets your annual OSHA requirements and our presentations DVDs from past speaking events make this benefit a benefit that keeps on giving (A $1500+ value including printed materials.)

Consulting and In House Training

Consulting or In House training with any NCA staff person. Hours can be carried over from year to year.





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