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About us

The National Cleaners Association (NCA) is a professional trade association dedicated to the welfare of well-groomed consumers and the professional cleaners and suppliers who serve them.

For over 75 years, NCA has been at the vanguard of education, research, and information distribution concerning garment and household fabric care. Elected officials, government agencies, consumer groups, fashion designers and major media outlets have recognized and responded to NCA’s activities, reports and tradition of excellence.

Offering a wide range of programs, customized services, educational opportunities and authoritative publications for the benefit of both its membership and the consumers they serve, NCA has established itself as the premier dry cleaning organization in the industry.


NCA’s long term working relationships with designers and garment manufacturers, were developed in an effort to eliminate the production practices that can result in unserviceable garments.

NCA publishes a consumer newsletter with helpful tips on garment care, thoughtful guidance on garment purchasing, and information on everything from how to pack for a trip to how to store out of season clothes. Additional NCA publications include its membership magazine, regional bulletins and special industry reports to help your dry cleaning business.

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