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Shoulder Pads Are Back

15 Sep 2022 8:04 AM | Anonymous

Every dry cleaner who remembers the 1980’s may still have nightmares concerning the processing of garments that contained shoulder pads. Many remember the problems, complaints as well as claims concerning these padded garments. Well, for better or worse, shoulder pads are back!

Shoulder pads were originally introduced during the 1930’s in both men’s and women’s garments. If you’re a fan of old movies, or look at old photos of that era, you will see that shoulder pads were used in the construction of garments such as dresses, blouses, as well as men’s and women’s jackets and coats. The idea was to accentuate the physical attributes of the wearer by making men’s shoulders look broader and women’s waistlines smaller.

The padding of shoulders lasted into the late 1950’s. For the next two decades, shoulder pads fell out of fashion. During the 1980’s shoulder pads came back with a vengeance. Looking at the fashions of the day, shoulder pads were again present in men’s and women’s garments, sometimes even bigger and broader. In the past several years, shoulder pads have made a comeback, and are extremely popular in today’s fashions.

There were, and still are numerous challenges concerning the processing of garments that contain shoulder pads. For this reason, we have included a detailed Technical Bulletin that should help in the processing of these garments.





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