Workplace Safety —- help your employees beat the heat

Workplace Safety —- help your employees beat the heat

It’s important that you take whatever precautions are possible to ensure your employees can work safely in your dry cleaning and/or laundry plant during the hot summer months.  Here are a few tips to help you do just that:


1.  Scroll down and familiarize yourself with the adverse effects of the heat, how to recognize serious symptoms and what the appropriate treatment steps are.wp saftey


2.  Have plenty of cold water available to your staff and encourage them to hydrate frequently.


3.  Arrange for more frequent breaks in a cooler environment.


4.  Relax your normal production goals.  A slower pace will enable them to deal better with the heat.


5.  Have them bring a change of clothes and encourage them to wear loose fitting, natural fibers.


6.  Cool wet bands around the head, wrists, neck and chest will help them keep their body temperatures down.


7.  Make sure you’ve maximized ventilation in the plant and if possible each work station has their own fan.


8.  Start work earlier in the day and curtail production during the mid-day highs.


9.  Make sure all steam pipes are insulated and any steam leaks have been repaired.

workplace saftey chart

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