NCA Marketing Toolkit

Being a member of NCA provides you with many benefits. One of the benefits is assisting you in marketing your business. With this in mind NCA has purchased various photos that are used to create new marketing materials such as ads, flyers, brochures and even web site's. The photos will assist you in creating new marketing material for your business. We have always provided our members with material but now we are providing you with the tools you need to create your own material. Please feel free to use any of the photos, if you have any questions you can e-mail us at or call (212) 967-3002

Search Engine Optimization

Every Day, over 50,000 People Look for A Dry Cleaner on Google Local... Are They Finding Your Business? estimated that in 2008 70% of Internet-savvy consumers searched online locally to find products and services. And, by far, America’s most popular local search engine is Google Local.

What this means to you is that a Google Local Business Listing will get your business in front of the people – in your market area – who are actively looking for a dry cleaner. For more information contact us at

NCA Image Library
The photography displayed in our Image Library is available to all NCA members. Browse the seven categories below and e-mail your selections (example: children/babies B3) to or call 212-967-3002 X 206. We'll email your images as soon as possible.

If you need a photo right away click here to download the photo's immediately.

Hang Tags:

Clothing Care Tip #1 Clothing Care Tip #2 Clothing Care Tip # 3
Holiday Hang Tags Military Uniform Flag Cleaning
Fur Cleaning Flu Prevention Spot Removal
Professional Shirts Clean and Store Thanksgiving

Other Items:

NCA Points of Perfection

Post Cards:

If you need help with your postcards feel free to call 212-967-3002. Below are samples of some of our postcards.

Dry Cleaning Headache #8 Dry Cleaning Headache #19 Dry Cleaning Headache #36
Yellowing Shining Woman Dalmatians
Designer Shopping Female Designer Shopping Male Double Crease
Fashion Jeopardy Barney Fashion Jeopardy Pink Fashion Jeopardy Blumarine
Pick Up & Delivery Comforter Hygiene Man Without Pants
Dog with Plaid Dog in Bed Hygiene Dog on Computer
Dog Green Cleaning Hint #3 Perfume Hint #6 Stains
Hint #9 Plastic Bag Hint #12 Toothpaste Hint #15 Pick Up Delivery
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