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New York State Certified Manufacturers

Under Part 232 of the New York State statutes, machinery for perc-using drycleaning plants is supposed to be certified.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Check this link to find an overview of regulations issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

New York State of Environmental Conservation Part 232 Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning

DO NOT DELAY.  Check the dates on your permit NOW.  Go to

to download the pdf file -Permit to Operate Renewal Form

Employee Management

U.S. Department of Labor Worksite Posters

The U. S. Federal Government provides a list of the posters an employer must have in the workplace. This link takes you to the DOL site which lists the posters with contact numbers as well as a PDF or two.

Safety Sign Builder

New DEC Forms

New DEC Paperwork for Perc Users- Click Here
New DEC Paperwork for Alternative Solvent Users- Click Here
New DEC Paperwork Purchase Log for Alternative Solvent- Click Here

New Jersey Employee - Required Posters

New Jersey Discrimination in Employment

New Jersey Family Leave Act

New Jersey Dicrimination in Places of Public Accomodation

New Jersey SAFE Act

New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act

New Jersey FLI Family Leave Insurance Provisions

New Jersey Gender Equity ENGLISH

New Jersey Gender Equity SPANISH

New Jersey PR-1 Unemployment

New Jersey Payment of Wages

New Jersey Child Labor Law

New Jersey Child Labor Hour Chart

New Jersey State Wage and Hour Law

New Jersey 2018 Record Keeping

Employee Handbook (All States) Download The Order Form Today!

Employee Handbook (New York Only) Download The Order Form Today!

Employee Manual and Orientation Guide

Paid Sick Leave

NYC Paid Sick Leave FAQ

NYC Paid Sick Leave Employers Overview

NYC Paid Sick Leave Mandatory Notice

Garment Management

NCA provides Garment Analysis services as a benefit. You can download a form and use it to send in with your problem garment

Download NCA Garment Analysis Form

Download Platinum Member Garment Analysis Form

Search Federal Trade Commission RN DATA SYSTEM

Claim Form

Is there damage to or loss of a garment? This Owner's Claim and Affidavit for Loss or Damage will help you deal with the claims process.

Care Labels

OSHA: New Rules and Information

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