Technical Bulletins

Whether you are a seasoned professional dry cleaner or a novice, there are often people that will bring a garment into your store that might be a mystery.

It could be a kind of silk you’ve never seen before, or a brand new poly fabric that might just worry you.

So, we’ve compiled a long list of technical bulletins that will help you understand what the fabric is, how to inspect it, treat it, wetcleaning, finishing, spotting...the works!

This is a very comprehensive library and available only to you, our members of the NCA. We hope you’ll keep this information as we’ve spent a lot of time gathering it for you, as a way to keep you up to date for your own success.

It is also a good idea to keep the bulletins nearby, in case a customer wants to understand any situation about his or her clothing beforehand (as you well know).

So, look at the bulletins. The arrows will help you scroll down so you can see them all. Also if you have something you want to add to our library here and share with our members, please email me at:

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